Friday, 1 December 2017

Wayanad - The Couple’s Paradise where Beauty Cherish

Mumbai is one of the fastest developing and most populated cities in India. Married to such a city one of the most difficult part I find to adjust with was the loud noise and unavailability of places where you could enjoy a peaceful honeymoon. It was finally after one month of our marriage that my husband finally got some time to plan a honeymoon trip. All that I wanted was a trip to someplace very peaceful and full of nature as being in this city my eyes were literally in need of some visual treat. After searching for a while we decided to trip to Kerala, the couple’s paradise and a place which is considered as one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the country. It was our first trip to Kerala and to make this honeymoon trip easier and comfortable we decided to avail the top Kerala tour package from Mumbai which was offered by le lagoon holidays. Our trip was scheduled to the 23rd of November. After waiting for another week finally on the 23rd of November we started our honeymoon trip to Kerala, the couple’s paradise to explore the exotic beauty of Wayanad. We reached the Mumbai airport by 7am and were welcomed by the travel operators in the city. They helped us greatly with the luggage and other formalities which made it easier to travel.
After a flight of nearly 2 hrs, we finally reached the Kochi international airport by 9 am. At the airport we meet the tour operators who led us to the taxi which was waiting for us and then to our honeymoon destination Wayanad. It was a 5 hr travel from the airport to Wayanad hill station; we stopped in between to have the lunch and to take pictures of the wild. We finally reached the destination by 2.30pm; we were taken directly to the resort which was booked for us. By 3 pm we reached the resort and checked-into our honeymoon suite which was well facilitated. After refreshing, we decided to have some snacks from the hotel and then continue with the tour. By 3.45 we decided to visit our first destination in Wayanad. As we reached to the tour operators they handed us with a chart of the tour in which our destination for the day was the Chembra Peak of Wayanad. After travelling for about 30 min from the resort we reached the beautiful peak by 4.30pm. It was one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala which offers the perfect view of the entire city and the wild below. One of the main attractions of the peak is the presence of a heart-shaped lake which is said to have water in it throughout the year. The cold breeze and the freezing climate added up to the beauty and the romantic ambiance of the hills. As it was our first destination of the trip we decided to enjoy the moment and explore the beauty of the hills. After being in the peak for a while we decided to get back to the resort as it was already getting dark. By 9 we reached back to the hotel, after refreshing we decided to have the dinner and sleep as we had a very tiring day.
The next day we woke up at 9 am, after freshening and having the complimentary breakfast we decided to check out as we had to get back to Mumbai the next day. By 10 we checked out and decided to visit a few more destinations in the place. The tour operators handed us with the tour chart for the day with destinations like Pookot Lake, Soochippara waterfalls and Edakkal caves. According to the plan, our 1st destination of the day was Pookot Lake. After travelling for about 20min we finally reached the place. The lake was one of the best and most fascinating natural lakes with fresh water. One of the main entertainments offered in the area was boating where you could see a number of pedal boats and much more variety of boats. The place was one of the best destinations for couple where they could enjoy the company of each other and explore the waters with a boat ride. We decided to enjoy the boat ride through the waters exploring the beauty of the place and enjoy each other’s company. After spending some sweet moment in the place we headed to our next destination, the Soochippara waterfalls. After travelling for another 20 min we reached the place. As car and other vehicles were not permitted to the falls, we decided to take a walk to the falls. After walking for about 10 min we finally reached Soochippara waterfalls which are located deep in the forest. Filled with vegetation and natural beauty the falls was one of the best parts of the trip.  This beauty of nature was the one thing that I was missing back in Mumbai, greenery and vegetation was abundantly available in Kerala where as Mumbai was a city which lacked all these beauty of nature and wild. Even though I was not able to take bath in the water as it was surrounded by rocks, my husband did enjoy a refreshing bath in the cold falls.
After enjoying the bath and the beauty of the place we moved on to the next destination Edakkal caves. After travelling for 30 min we reached near the caves, we were to walk to the cave located to the peak of a hill.  The edakkal cave is a place which could be better explained as the connecting link between the past and the present. Even though Mumbai was a place with destinations connecting the past and the present, the city life and development killed the true beauty of those destinations. The case was entirely different in Kerala with the edakkal cave showing the true beauty of the past and the present. With a number of ancient inscriptions on the wall, the place was the best destination which narrates the story of the past. By the time finished exploring the cave it was high time for us to start our ride back home. By 5pm we started our ride back to Kochi international airport and reached the place by 10.30pm. After the 2 hour long flight we reached back to Mumbai by around 1 am the next day.

My honeymoon trip to Kerala was one of the most memorable in my life, the state rich with hill stations, forest, wildlife, waterfalls and historical destinations is one of the best place couples, honeymooners and travelers who love nature. Being one of the top 10 paradises for honeymooners the hill stations of Kerala are now a prominent destination in most honeymoon packages. The hill stations of Kerala should be the must visit detonation for honeymoon couples visiting the state. Not just couples all travellers visiting Kerala would be fascinated and enchanted with the beauty of the hills and more importantly the vegetative nature and its beauty. For nature lovers, honeymoon, couples and bird watchers Kerala could be one of the best destination to visit.

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