Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Fondling In Love above the Hill Station of Munnar

The state of Kerala attracts a number of foreigners to the south zone wherein everyone gets to experience the richness that nature beholds in the destination. It is some sort of enigma where people get to relax in tranquility at this destination. My first journey to Kerala had been with friends from Bangalore where we visited Wayanad which was the most closely located district for us. Almost three 4 years had passed by and I had got married now. Planning a budget-friendly honeymoon was not a hard task as I had always wanted to take another trip to Kerala. My wife had also been looking forward to it for she had been wondering what sort of magic spell attracted the people to this destination. Together we set off on our Kerala honeymoon package where we headed to find a flight from Bangalore and reached Cochin International Airport. From where we were driven to our residence of stay for the night. Expecting to rest up and power for the next morning, we got to the hotel. Initially, the reception manager told us that we had to get down for buffet lunch and hence we kept the baggage in the room and got down to the reception where we were escorted to a restaurant and a closed room where they had set up candles and flowers for us along a secret dinner. This was an absolute surprise where both of us had not planned this but it was the gesture of the tour operators to welcome the honeymooners. The smile on our face remained throughout for the start of the journey had turned out to be the best.

We proceeded with our journey the very next day and the driver drove us to Munnar which was the major destination for the honeymoon. The drive was a long on that took around 5 hours for us reach. But rolling up the hill station was an exciting event where we rolled down the windows and began to enjoy our first journey together. It was almost 12 pm when we reached and we were bound to get down at Top Station which was our first place of sightseeing. But then we got to see a waterfall and asked the driver for a stop where we got down, got a cup of tea and watched the Cheeyapara falls. Apparently, the destination was on our itinerary somewhere around the third day. The journey continued where we got down to the Top station and the long walk between richness began. We reached the ticket counter and fetched the tickets to get down to the viewpoint of the clock tower which was located close by did not seem worth watching the beauty of the destination. The climb down began where we initially felt like it was easy but the never-ending steps made us halt in between as we did not want to be extra tired.   On finally reaching the viewpoint we got to see Munnar with what adorns it the most where the greenery spread out in grace. We sat there having fallen hopelessly for the place and its beauty. The climb back was hard but the view had been captured well enough in the head.

Post lunch, we made our way to echo point. Other than the pictures we had been taking in the digital camera, we got some beautiful pictures captured from the places where photographers had been in plenty. The echo point somehow did not seem to have an echo at that moment but instead, we took a fantasy horse ride one by one for a short distance which was again captured by the photographer there. When we left the place, we had around 20 pictures out of which we planned to enlarge the good ones and frame them at home in Bangalore. The last place of visit for the day was at Photo Point from where again we got a lump sum of pictures clicked. It was located close to echo point as well. We walked along the grass path and sat there enjoying the light changing into darkness. That was it for the day where we were dropped at the resort for our night stay.

The next day the journey continued where we were taken to the tea museum. Munnar is rich in its abundance of tea estates and not being to one such place is a huge loss. We took some pictures from in between the tea estates that had been there and also got into the museum to purchase the fresh powdered tea from the shop that had been there for both our parents at Bangalore and for ourselves. The next stop turned out to be the best where we visited the rose garden. This time, more than just nature, colors adorned the destination more. We spend almost an hour inside where we chilled by the flowers sitting with the mild aroma around the place. And the final place for the visit was after lunch where the long drive took us to Nyayamkad Waterfalls. This was indeed the most serene place we had ever been to for who would never fall for this kind of beauty where the gushing whitewater flows in ease through the streams. This was also something that we never get to experience at Bangalore due to which we spend quite a lot of time in the destination. We had trekked for a short distance and then had got down to the falls where we played in the cold water streams and enjoyed every bit of the place. In fact, waterfalls always have a romantic layout to it. We got back to the driver by 6 and the night was spent at the hotel.

The final day of the tour is where we checked out of the room to visit two places which had been Mattueppety Dam and Kundala Dam. We had seen Mattupetty Dam while driving to certain places. We got down this time and walked through the side of the roads watching people boat in the dam. The pathway for the roads had been made beautifully making it look good in the pictures. By 10 we reached Kundala Lake which was again a place where we finally decided to be on a quick speedboat cruise which was being provided there. The humongous trees on the banks of the lake made us feel like we had been taking a cruise through a forest destination. In around 10 minutes we got back and it was 12 pm already. The drive began to Kochi as we had a midnight flight back to Bangalore and had to reach on time in case there was a sign of traffic. By 7 pm we reached the airport as in the midway we had stopped for lunch.

Our togetherness had hence been traveled in the best possible way at Munnar. It was the three days of life anyone would have wanted to live in a beautiful place like that of Kerala.  And when we had been moving forth to the airport, the wife had been extra happy on visiting the place. In fact, we had also been wondering why people always choose to spend their honeymoon in other countries while there is the gem of places located in India itself. That was it about our Kerala tour package from Bangalore where all we had now were good pictures and memories that could be cherished all life. 

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