Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Solo Escape into Mother Nature at Wayanad

The people who traverse through various places are those who undoubtedly have more dreams to accomplish. While most of the people find it too hard to plan a trip, I have always found it easy to follow what my heart says and hence it has been easy for me to travel. For a long time, I had been mind-boggling about the place I could visit and came down with the perfect destination which would help me capture all that I wanted to. Kerala, the Gods own country was the place and everything I wanted to pursue could be done in this gem of a place. So without having second thoughts on it, as usual, I planned a quick trip on which I got some guidance and help from Lelagoon Holidays. The solo traverse hence began where I took a bus ride from Bangalore for you should always know the ways through which you get to reach the destination. Little did I know that it is not really tough task to reach the place and that I should have already made a trip to the destination much earlier. The Kerala tour package was hence much powered with every enthusiasm. On reaching Wayanad, I got out of the bus and the travel began where I met the official driver who would be taking me through the destination. The first task was to head on to places that were perfect for sightseeing. 

I have never been a traveller who has always wanted to see everything in a destination. I often pick out the places that I have always wanted to see and then tries to know everything regarding the places through the internet and from the friends who have been to the place. The first place for my visit was Pookode Lake. The freshwater lake had something very attractive about the pictures I had seen of it and hence a travel to the place was bound upon reaching. I got to the Lake where the driver dropped me. I carried my camera along with me where the lake had been in front of me and tourists had been cruising through the lake in pedal boats. After fetching 10 rupees entry ticket, I entered inside and decided to take a boat journey. The place was very serene where greenery spread out on the banks of the river.  I got in for the bat ride after paying 30 bucks and began pedaling to a spot from where I could get a beautiful shot of the place captured into my camera. And after being satisfied with the pictures, I got back on time and walked to the aquarium that was located nearby. A spice and condiments shop was also located close by. After feeding the tiny fishes in the aquarium, I decided to get back to the car where we were bound to visit the next place. 

The journey was to Banasura Dam. I have not been to a lot of days before and the fact that this dam is the largest earthen dam here was one reason that I decided to be at the place. On reaching the place I took a panoramic shot of the dam. Here again, boating was going on but I did not really want to take another cruise again. After wandering around the place for some time, I decided to get back to the driver. It was time for lunch and the driver asked me if a typical Kerala Sadhya was preferred. I was ready for any trail and wouldn't mind eating anything from the places where I tour too. After having a delicious platter of amazing vegetable dishes where I had not had this good vegetarian food from Bangalore, The travel proceeded and this time to the Edakkal Caves. Caves were again one thing that I had never visited at many places. On reaching I realized that the walk was more a mini red where walking through all the steps I reached about the rocks that had inscriptions from the past. It wasn't really something that any of the people could understand.  Also on walking further inside, I got to sight a small piece of rock between two huge rocks. The view from the top was also priceless where the widespread greenery was worth staring at. It was time that we climb back and hence the walk back dropped me at the car. I was almost tired after the sightseeing that I asked the driver to drop me at the residence booked for the stay. We reached the resorts and I checked in. Even the resorts and hotels located at Wayanad provided perfect views of nature. After walking through the garden there, I took a dive in the swimming pool and the next day had to be a fresh start.

The second day is when I decided to set off on a trek which was the ultimate reason for the visit to Wayanad. The Chembra peak and the Meeshapulimala were two places that were the best for trekking when I had googled. I decided to make my ultimate trekking through the peak and the driver dropped me early in the morning. I got in touch with a guide who would be leading me and other guys on the trek. The other guys who had been with me had been pretty more enthusiastic and friendly at the same time. They had come from the neighboring district, Kozhikode and had come with quite some food to eat as the trek was an 8-hour expedition. The walk began where the guide had been the best pouring out a lot of information and letting us rest so that we do not get tired at the end of the day. The walk finally came out a point where we got to see the heart-shaped lake. It is told that this lake is man-made. But was quite a wonder while trekking and one of the best that I got to capture at Wayanad. The trek continued further where the next stop was the top. The view from this place was the ultimate where the rolling Western Ghats spread out in beauty. We spend over two hours there sitting where all of us talked and had the treats that had been bought.  And then walk began where we got back and realized that a whole day of full spirit had been over. By night I had return back to after the Kerala tourpackage from Bangalore and hence I decided to get back to home and rest. Wayanad had indeed been the best treat that I had got from traveling at Kerala

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